Julia Tibbets, C.M.T.

Julia Tibbets, C.M.T., holds her professional massage therapist certification from the state of Indiana. In 2007 she completed 1200 hours of extensive training in medical massage therapy at Blue Heron Academy in South Bend, Indiana, with specialized training in using therapeutic massage to provide problem-focused, personalized care for each client in each session. 

She has worked with dozens of pregnant women, as well as hundreds of patients with many different medical and physical conditions and injuries in both medical and spa settings. She is a current and active member of the
Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals (ABMP) and received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Purdue University in 2003.

She uses her experience working with all types of patients to balance her treatments with relaxation massage and important deep-tissue work that affects change to muscle and tissue structures, maximizing relief from physical and mental pain and stress.

Conditions she has worked with extensively include: 
     Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
     TMJ Disorder/Pain
     Sprains and Strains 
     Low-Back Pain 
     Degenerative Disc Disease/Herniated Disc/Bulging Disc/Disc Surgery 
     Rotator Cuff Injury/Surgery/Rehabilitation 
     Plantar Fasciitis 
     Knee Injury/Surgery